Monday, September 16, 2013

Been in coma.

     It has been long time since I saw you.  I must say, I don't remember writing to you.
Did I miss you? I ain't sure myself, for I have been in deep coma which hindered my memory.
Don't you misunderstand me for real coma and get disheartened for what I have been through. It is my busy schedule that I am talking about which made me paralyzed. I am waking slowly despite so much of clumsiness. Old habits die hard and it is true.
     For now, I am little disoriented , my apologies if  I don't impress you with my writing. My fingers are weak now and my brain has been underutilized for so long. It would  further add to misery of already troubled language of mine. I hereby request you to comply and instill in me, a motivation for resurrection, a place where I belong.
  It is to you that I write today with sincerity and honesty because, deep within I missed you i.e ''MY BLOG''........ :)

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Ugyen Norbu said...

I didn't see this post and today when i saw, it's cool....