Monday, September 16, 2013

Been in coma.

     It has been long time since I saw you.  I must say, I don't remember writing to you.
Did I miss you? I ain't sure myself, for I have been in deep coma which hindered my memory.
Don't you misunderstand me for real coma and get disheartened for what I have been through. It is my busy schedule that I am talking about which made me paralyzed. I am waking slowly despite so much of clumsiness. Old habits die hard and it is true.
     For now, I am little disoriented , my apologies if  I don't impress you with my writing. My fingers are weak now and my brain has been underutilized for so long. It would  further add to misery of already troubled language of mine. I hereby request you to comply and instill in me, a motivation for resurrection, a place where I belong.
  It is to you that I write today with sincerity and honesty because, deep within I missed you i.e ''MY BLOG''........ :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


       How do I begin with? I have no idea. The words are stagnant in my brain or some say it is heart (let me consider both). I am afraid, I will have to let it out. Would it make me feel better? I guess hell yeah!
    When I looked up, a beautiful sky dazzling with clouds, what an amazing view. It revived my flattened mood, it really did. You should try and feel the difference. I kept on looking up in want of more of the calm feeling, then I could see an image that seemed so familiar to me. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It is the same image I could see. It looked elegant, hairs dangling by the side and it kept floating. 'It' wasn't it, 'it' was her. The girl whose name is 'LUCKY' adorned with 'GEMS', the beautiful she.
      I moved on and as I walked by, I could see  her name written on the walls.My heart raced to read her name, oh yeah, an astonishing feeling that I wouldn't want to lose, never! At that moment, I knew what my heart wanted to say, it was a simple sentence that I added to your name on the wall and it was ''I love you lucky adorned with gems''. Then, I took a long breath and in it, I felt your love flowing in, the perfect happiness and the moment to remember.
      My chest started feeling heavy. What has happened?  I asked to self. I calmed myself down. It felt completely fine and I liked that way. Because, I liked that way, I knew it was her that came in and I decided to hold onto permanently. My heart will be her abode  for times to come and will remain so till eternity, a guaranteed protection!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


         It was a lovely evening, just after some exercise in the gym, I walked by the street exhausted. I was all alone and  amidst honking cars and noisy crowd,  it didn't make me feel better. It rather aggravated my loneliness. I reached a subway, a quieter place to walk by. It was a  cooler place, with less people around. My right hand subconsciously went inside the pocket of my jeans that I wore that day. It helped me walk better but  in a lazy and timid  style though.  I wasn't done with it. My fingers reached to the mobile and  took it out from the pocket. Then as expected,   I looked into my mobile and scrolled down the contact lists. I hope many people do the same. I did and  saw  her name and number, the latest that I have added.        

        What should I do? Should I dial her? I became nervy and my heart began racing. I felt light as if like a floating feather. The train of thoughts travelled in me. My self confidence has been low as ever. I was shaky and started feeling warm. The fear of not knowing,  how she would respond,  haunted me. Thank God,  it didn't last long.  A wave of confidence washed away my fear. A relief,  I have never experienced anything better before. It  was an extraordinary moment for an ordinary person. I was determined to feel such moments forever and never to lose. 
      That was the time, I pressed the green button of my three year old mobile. I could hear it ringing, a music to my heart. Would she pick it? I wasn't sure.  Few rings went by but still she didn't pick the phone. 'Should I press the red button or keep ringing?' it battled. The latter won and what a victory because she did pick with a welcoming 'HI'. Her voice like a gentle breeze , was tremendously soothing. What a moment! She talked  as if we have been friends for many years. A friendly and comfortable approach that I couldn't have imagined with any other. It became easy for me to introduce in length. It lasted for half an hour and for me,  it became the nicest moment ever to begin with. 
     But I don't know how she felt it that time. It is the question that I have to ask her.  If she ever  felt the same as I did, it would be an  exquisite beginning with a gift of karmic connection, the beginning with no end.