Wednesday, April 10, 2013


       How do I begin with? I have no idea. The words are stagnant in my brain or some say it is heart (let me consider both). I am afraid, I will have to let it out. Would it make me feel better? I guess hell yeah!
    When I looked up, a beautiful sky dazzling with clouds, what an amazing view. It revived my flattened mood, it really did. You should try and feel the difference. I kept on looking up in want of more of the calm feeling, then I could see an image that seemed so familiar to me. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It is the same image I could see. It looked elegant, hairs dangling by the side and it kept floating. 'It' wasn't it, 'it' was her. The girl whose name is 'LUCKY' adorned with 'GEMS', the beautiful she.
      I moved on and as I walked by, I could see  her name written on the walls.My heart raced to read her name, oh yeah, an astonishing feeling that I wouldn't want to lose, never! At that moment, I knew what my heart wanted to say, it was a simple sentence that I added to your name on the wall and it was ''I love you lucky adorned with gems''. Then, I took a long breath and in it, I felt your love flowing in, the perfect happiness and the moment to remember.
      My chest started feeling heavy. What has happened?  I asked to self. I calmed myself down. It felt completely fine and I liked that way. Because, I liked that way, I knew it was her that came in and I decided to hold onto permanently. My heart will be her abode  for times to come and will remain so till eternity, a guaranteed protection!