Sunday, November 6, 2011


     It was a rainy morning and not a good start for the day.  All my friends were busy preparing to leave home. I saw some happy and some worried.  We were just done with our grade VIII  mid term examinations and everybody would love to go for summer vacations. But, it was a tough situation. All the roads were blocked with landslides due to heavy rain for many days.. There weren't any vehicle movement. The students from my village, decided to leave. It takes a day by walk to reach home. Meanwhile, we started our journey and luckily it rained less that day.
    As we walked by, we had to cross so many landslides areas going the long way. It was taking more than what we thought to be. I in particular became exhausted and hungry. What would I eat? Gradually, we came across small shops but then unfortunately, I was penniless that time. I had no option, just to continue walking desperately.
   When I saw friends walking hard, it inspired me. I was determined to fight hunger. It was horrible, filled with  anxiety. Landslides may come any time from anywhere. Within seconds, we could be buried or washed away.
It was hard to walk, and hunger pangs forgotten when we had to walk through the mud and when we were sunk beneath our abdomen. By God's grace, we were lucky enough to be alive. For, I thought it was really a horrid moment of my life.
   Fortunately, we reached  a place closer to home. I knew the shopkeeper and had to ask for biscuits and that too for credit. I knew it would be shameful for me yet it was nothing. I needed it and I endured the embarrassment.  Then, I reached home happily and I didn't share my parents about it for I loved them and for I knew, my sufferings were way less than their's.


Leoparsica said...

Was it a story during your school days? Well, being educated in remote areas, we face lots of such problems, but see, how a beautiful fruit you are to reap now. Cheers with your life ahead boss.

sonam said...

haha...yeah, thanks bro.

Jigme Yoedsel said...

For me, it took 5 days to reach home.......knee pain, blisters and thundering sounds were the features of my journey...
The journey started from,,,Wamrong---Brekha....Thrimshing....Tshangpo....Fekperi....Thungkhar....Berdungman...Khelam....Narphung...Pemagatshel...finally to Pangthang.

sonam said...

haha...that is damn hell man, u should write on it!